Big things in life often come from unexpected moments

It was his involvement in an unlikely rescue involving a 7 year old boy, a jellyfish sting, and an inflatable lilo which first sparked the idea.

Ollie (our Founder) imagined a compact, lightweight, wearable device for carrying vinegar to treat jellyfish stings – and other liquids too, from bug sprays to sanitisers – all readily dispensable at any given time of need. 

As a qualified scuba diver of 25 years he took cues for his early concepts from his equipment – modifying parts from breathing apparatus, even snorkels – and many of these influences are still reflected in today’s unique Patent Pending “FrogBand” design.

A considered approach to reducing impact + driving change.

Being 100% independent we’ve the freedom to choose our own path. 

Subsequently all of our FrogBands are made in the UK, which of course has a multitude of benefits, not least the reduction in long-haul freight and the associated carbon footprint.

There’s further focus on minimising negative impact with our limited packaging which, at the very least, is always recyclable.

FrogBands have also been designed to be durable, refillable and reusable. That means fewer single use and disposable plastic bottles travelling on adventures and being left behind.

Just as importantly we’ve a BIG mission. 

It’s born out of our Founders’ vision to help bring about new ways of living on a better planet through fast tracked invention.  This sees us commit 50% of profit from every FrogBand sale to supporting innovative start-ups, inventors and changemakers, so their brilliant ideas can not only become a reality, but NOW instead of “too late”.