Can a FrogBand save me money?
Actually, yes it can!  Not only are the single use and pocket sized portable plastic bottles in circulation particularly damaging for the environment, but also the cost per millilitre of liquid is extremely high.  For FrogBand refuelling you can instead buy larger container formats and will soon recoup the cost of your FrogBand and be saving much more beyond.   
Where are FrogBands made?
We’re an independent company which gives us the freedom to choose our own path, a fine example being that all of our Frogbands are beautifully crafted in the UK.
Will it fit my wrist?
FrogBands are manufactured in one size only, and are designed to expand and contract to suit standard ADULT wrists from Small to Large.
Are FrogBands suitable for children?
FrogBands are available in one size only, designed to fit standard ADULT wrists from Small to Large, and are therefore unsuitable for most children to wear.  Please also consider that with any child having access to a device capable of spraying liquids there comes a significant risk of harm or injury.           
How much liquid can a FrogBand hold?
Maximum capacity is approximately 10ml of liquid which our micro atomiser converts into a super fine mist spray – which means coverage is maximised and one filled FrogBand will go a very (very) long way. For example, if you fill it with liquid sanitiser then you can expect it to cover an average of 15+ pairs of hands – so your insect repellent, sting/bite relief, sun spray or other liquids will go just as far.
How does it fill with liquids?
It only takes a minute! Every FrogBand comes with its very own refuelling pipette, or you can even fill directly from a compatible bottle dispenser (i.e. one with a nozzle which fits inside the filling hole). Only ever fill with liquids, never gels or creams as they’re unsuitable for atomisers. Full instructions are provided in-pack and you can also view the instructions online here: HOW TO...
How can I quickly spot compatible products to fill it with?
Products which have a watery consistency - not gels or creams - and are packaged in a bottle with a screw top and/or a pump atomiser ARE compatible.  Simply unscrew the lid and access the liquid inside using the pipette provided.  Pressurised aerosol canisters ARE NOT suitable.                  
Are there any liquids which I shouldn’t fill it with?
Never fill with any liquids which may be dangerous, for example highly flammable, hazardous or toxic.  Our suggested usage involves liquids (never gels or creams etc) such as sanitiser, insect repellent, sting/bite relief, antiseptic, sun protection, freshening mists (purely water or scented).             
Can I switch my FrogBand’s use between different liquid types?
We advise that you do not mix usage between different types of liquid.  This is to avoid cross contamination, for example the residue from insect repellent becoming mixed in with your freshening mist.  With thorough cleaning of the inside of your FrogBand using soap and water, also pumping it through the atomiser itself, you can reduce this risk but we still always recommend against it.         
Is it waterproof?  Could I swim whilst wearing it?
Absolutely, yes and yes!  Ollie, our founder, initially set about designing the band for use with sting relief – particularly with jellyfish in mind.  Go ahead and wear your FrogBand in the rain or in the sea.  Do however avoid exposure to very hot water as this will likely cause it damage.
Is it suitable for recycling?
All of our packaging and label materials are, and always will be, 100% recyclable.  The FrogBand itself has specifically been designed to be refillable and reusable time and time again - and that means fewer single use and disposable plastic bottles travelling on adventures - which is a great thing for the environment left behind.