To accelerate the development of life and planet improving innovation

Quite rightly 2020-2022 has got many people thinking about their day-to-day, and reassessing.

Much talk’s been focussed on new ways of working, a future of home offices, video calls.

But our Founder saw a bigger picture, deciding FrogBand would make things happen.

Because “now” is not about transforming the way we Work.

It’s about working on transforming the way we Live.

Not just developing New Ways of Working.

But developing New Ways of Living.

Not so much NWoW.

More NWoL.

Right now we need brilliant minds - an army of inventors, innovators, and changemakers to lead us into a brighter, more sustainable future, with practical solutions for better living on a better planet.

Right now they need our support which is why 50% of profit from every FrogBand you buy will go back into helping these inventive people to make their life and planet changing innovations happen.

We’ll be supporting ingenious little ideas, such as coffee cups you can eat afterwards, and incredible BIG ideas, such as bio based clothing (made from algae), and bricks for your new home made from non-recyclable plastic. 

Each one focussed on bringing us #NewWaysOfLiving on an improving planet, sooner rather than “too late”.